Ana Maria Benito

Psychologist NIP


My statement

I believe that many individuals have the capacity for change when given the opportunity, tools and guidance they are searching for.

I have developed a practice where my clients feel they have a safe and confidential space where they can discuss their past experiences, curent relationships and are able to set goals to move their lives in the direction they want to follow.


How I work

The focus of my practice is to address the challenges of negative feelings and experiences and explore the possibilities for creating new narratives and finding balance and security in people's current lives. My approach focuses on each particular client, taking into consideration their personality, emotions and each individual's unique needs.

I have more than 30 years of experience working as a psychologist abroad and in the Ex-pat community in the Netherlands

Some clients request short term consultations, others need more in-depth and lengthier treatments.

I work with Psychodynamic & Integrative approaches when necessary and I have training in Psychoanalytic Theory.



- Trained and became a Licensed Psychologist, completing a Master 's degree in Psychology at the National University UNMdP Argentina.

- Obtained a doctorandus (drs.) in the Netherlands.


Professional Affiliations:

NIP Psychologist # 215875 Netherlands Institute of Psychology.

• Member of ACCESS (CSN) from 1994 to 2017, The Hague.

• In collaboration with IHCH (International Health Centre).

• Since 2010 - Training 8. supervision at New Lacanian School (NLS), Paris.

• For 6 years - a member of the study/supervision Psychoanalytic Clinic Group (Belgium-NL).

• Currently – an active member of two Supervision Groups m the Netherlands.


Services offered

Working with Adults & Couples on:

* Occupational stress and burn-outs.

* Anger management, anxieties, panic attacks and mild depressions.

* Prevention and crisis intervention.

* Psychosomatic symptoms.

* Family dynamics in crisis (separation, divorce, death).

* Bereavement, grief and loss.

* Acculturation, adjustment, changes in life and/or migration.

* Body image.

* Issues related to primary support groups.

* Relationship.


I have developed & offer 3 programs for adults:

A – Pregnancy & post natal related issues. 10 sessions. For women and/ or couples.

B - Work related stress. 10-step program.

C - Working with couples. 10 sessions.

I offer the opportunity to focus on some of the issues which make couples feel stuck and which create conflicts.



Jan van Nassaustraat 99, 2596 BR The Hague

+31 (0)6 20 30 92 58