Graciela Cepparro de Mussini

Drs. Psychologist NIP


Licensed Psychologist graduated from the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) in Buenos Aires in 1989. Her degree has been recognized by the Dutch Educational System as “Doctorandus in Psychology”. She also obtained a degree as Professor in Psychology from the same university, and has worked as a teacher for many years in primary and secondary schools, and as assistant teacher at university level. She has worked in both mental health and educational institutions in Argentina and the USA. She is a member of NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists).


Since 2007 till July 2020 Graciela worked in her private practice and she was the Psychology Services Coordinator at the International Health Center The Hague. Since July 2020 her practice has become virtual. Graciela is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.


She uses a psychodynamic approach to treatment, since she has a strong background in the field of Psychoanalysis. She supervises her work and continues her education with members of the Lacanian School in both Paris and Buenos Aires.


Her work is tailored to the needs of each case and is strictly confidential. Her practice treats adults and provides second opinion consultations to parents regarding their children. You have direct contact with Graciela via email or telephone.




+31 (0)6 24715305